What is Laser Dentistry and How Does It Help?

Laser dentistry allows dentists to focus on extremely specific areas without affecting surrounding tissue. It allows dentists to avoid using a drill or anesthesia in some situations. Lasers reduce discomfort and healing time. Here are some common laser dentistry procedures and the safety information you need to decide if they’re right for you.Read More
Using HSA and FSA for dental care

Use It or Lose It: Using Your HSA and FSA Benefits to Enhance Your Smile

With the year coming to a close, Drs. Jennifer and Cory Chambers of Cobblestone Dentistry want to remind patients to take advantage of their Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Saving Account (HSA) before time runs out. Most accounts do not roll over to the next year, so what better time to schedule a dental […]Read More

What Acidic Drinks Can Do To Your Teeth

We all know that soda is bad for our waistline and our teeth, but few of us realize how many other drinks have a similar effect. From your kids’ favorite sports drink to that glass of wine that helps you unwind, acidic drinks can seriously damage your teeth.Read More

Are Your Teeth Ready for Summer?

When school is out, schedules can fly out the window, and with them, proper dental practices. Amidst summer camps, vacations, and other fun activities, it is important to remember the health of your teeth. Here are some tips on maintaining your dental health during the summer.Read More

Cosmetic Injectable Procedures by your Dentist

When thinking about the health of your teeth, it’s unlikely you are thinking of Botox – a drug associated with creating a more youthful appearance – as the answer. Products like Botox and Juvederm are primarily associated with treating wrinkles or blemishes. Some have even been used to treat migraines. Many people are surprised to learn these products can also be used effectively in many dental procedures.Read More

5 Gingivitis Symptoms To Watch For

Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums and is commonly caused by bacteria that accumulates along the gum line. A dentist can treat the condition if caught in its early stages. If left untreated, however, gingivitis can spread to the underlying tissues and lead to more serious forms of gum disease, such as tooth decay, periodontitis, and eventually tooth loss.Read More

Sweet Options for Your Child’s Valentine’s Sweet Tooth

Many parents swap Valentine’s Day romance for school parties and Valentine’s Day cards. Unfortunately, this means your son or daughter will likely come home with an abundance of candy. Sweets are fine in moderation, but one candy from each classmate can add up very quickly.Read More